Regular polygons

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Level: GCSE Maths

A regular polygon is a convex polygon for which every side is equal and every angle is equal. In this section we will look at some well known regular polygons with 3 to 12 sides.

You can also learn about the angles, symmetry, and area and perimeter of regular polygons.

3 sides - equilateral triangle

A three sided shape, of course, is called a triangle. A regular triangle is called an equilateral triangle, and looks like this:


4 sides - square

A four sided shape is called a quadrilateral. A regular quadrilaterals are more commonly known as squares:


5 sides - pentagon

A five sided shape is called a pentagon. A regular pentagon looks like this:


6 sides - hexagon

A six sided shape is called a hexagon. A regular hexagon looks like this:


7 sides - heptagon

A seven sided shape is called a heptagon. A regular heptagon looks like this:


8 sides - octagon

A eight sided shape is called an octagon. A regular octagon looks like this:


9 sides - nonagon

A nine sided shape is called a nonagon. A regular nonagon looks like this:


10 sides - decagon

A ten sided shape is called a decagon. A regular decagon looks like this:


11 sides - hendecagon

An eleven sided shape is called a hendecagon. A regular hendecagon looks like this:


12 sides - dodecagon

A twelve sided shape is called a dodecagon. A regular dodecagon looks like this:


Polygons with more sides

A polygon can have any number of sides, but most do not have well known special names.

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